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Mind-Body Transformation Series

Following the work done in the introductory Mind-Body Discovery Session, the Mind-Body Transformation Series is an 8-week concentrated program which expands on the imbalances and misalignments of the seven main chakras in the body.  This program will help you uncover your true essence and it will guide you to becoming the woman you were destined to be. 

Where You Are

  • You are now familiar with what areas of your body and within your life require tending to and are motivated to move forward but still want outside guidance and support.

  • You engage in helpful breathing exercises or other meditative practices but have a desire to learn more.

  • You notice you have more compassion, for yourself and for others, but you may have noticed other negative thoughts or patterns have come to the surface.

  • And while you no longer chastise your rounder belly or grayer hair and have begun appreciate them in different ways, that critical inner voice is still whispering to you.

You are eager to continue your quest for peace, eager to dive deeper into the “why” you are/think/feel the way you do and eager to keep progressing toward your goal(s) but still feel like you need even more to get you to the next phase. 

During these sessions you will learn:

  • to better recognize when a specific chakra is imbalanced and what additional tools can help realign it

  • to incorporate chakra-focused physical movement into your self-care routine

  • how to further silence the critical inner voice


Together we will:

  • combine intuitive energy healing and tools previously discussed with the physical movement of yoga

  • break down the individual chakra's to further explore and clear any deep-seated issues that remain


You will gain:

  • trust, in yourself and in the Universe, that will become your catalyst in stepping into your full and divine power allowing you to reach your desired State of Self

  • and most importantly, the knowledge that you are, at your core, the Universe, the Alpha and the Omega, a supreme being here on this planet whose sole focus is to love—to love yourself and to love others


  • We will begin each session by reviewing any new intake forms and/or questionnaires and have a State of Self discussion to celebrate the progress you have made since the previous meeting.  We will continue to explore and define the top three goals and/or outcomes you want to achieve as well as set your specific intentions for the appointment.

  • After a brief meditation, you will be led through a one-hour hatha yoga practice which will help move energy to specific areas of the body.  The poses, or asanas, will all be centered around balancing out the individual chakras, keeping any physical or emotional limitations in mind.  These practices are perfect for all levels of yogis and props will be available for your comfort and safety.   

  • The yoga practice is then followed by a 30-minute intuitive energy healing session, concentrating on the focused chakra, and may include other techniques and modalities—crystals, singing bowls, essential oils, etc.—as appropriate. 

  • After each session, you will be given a copy of the yoga practice as well as a cleared and charged crystal that are yours to keep, allowing you to continue your work after our time together—the more you tune into your body and the more you can keep the energy moving throughout the chakras, the quicker you will start to notice positive shifts.

  • During the eighth session, we’ll have the final State of Self discussion to observe the important work of this series and review your goals and outcomes to see what energies have shifted.  You will then receive a Reiki and Raindrop session which combines the benefits of energy work, aromatherapy and topical oil application, for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience and makes for a wonderful way to close out our time together.

8 sessions, 120-min each - $965

To book a session, please email or call me at (610) 392-7049.

What to Expect


Series Details

Want to help others embody Universal Love?

Now that you have the knowledge and tools to shift energies any time that critical inner voice or the self-doubt begins to appear, embrace how special you are and surround yourself, and others, with compassion and love—in doing so, you are truly living your purpose and are aligned with your most authentic self.

However, if you want to continue your spiritual journey and dig deeper into the metaphysical world of energy healing, helping others transform and align with their own purpose, the Awakening Program will support and ignite the teacher within--stay tuned for more information on this advanced offering!

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