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Intuitive Energy Healing

Combines various healing modalities such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Psychic Messages and Life Coaching. I am intuitively guided on what best suits you in the present moment. 

Reiki Translating to "universal life force", Reiki is a type of healing that is a useful tool in moving and releasing stagnation or blockages in the body.  This practice involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to the client, helping to balance and align the chakras.

Where You Are

When the chakras or "energy centers" in the body are unbalanced, you may start to experience physical and emotional ailments.  By cleansing and re-balancing your chakras with Reiki and by being motivated to release what no longer benefits you, your body, mind and spirit begin to work in unison and you’ll be more equipped to handle stressors as they come your way.


You often hear ‘happiness starts from within’, and Reiki offers you a tool to begin to peel away the layers to find the strength to fix what needs fixing and the Universal Love within starts to grow.

  • Prior to your appointment, you will complete questionnaires and intake forms that will provide information on your current State of Self.   These forms will be discussed upon your arrival and will be used a reference point for your healing journey.

  • After our discussion, we will begin the 60 min Intuitive energy healing session.  I will step out of the room while you get comfy on the treatment table, fully clothed.

  • Keeping in mind any physical or emotional wounds and beginning at the top of your head, I will lightly place my hands on or over specific areas of your body, in alignment with the chakra centers.  Each position will last a few minutes and I will be intuitively led to where I am picking up on stagnant or overactive energy.

  • During this time, I may incorporate crystals, singing bowls and other sound healing instruments, essential oils and other tools to help move the energy along the meridians.  I may also receive messages from Spirit, which is something that happens with many clients.

  • You may begin to notice various sensations in your body, from hot or cold spots, to tingling, to being overtaken by emotion—it is different from person to person.

  • Upon completion of the session, we'll talk about your experiences to see what shifts may have occurred.  Some energetic changes may not be noticeable in the moment, but if you continue to tune into your body, you'll observe them as they unfold.

60 min treatment - $85

(total session time can be up to 120 mins, as these sessions include discussion time

before and after the 60 min healing treatment)

To book a session, please email or call me at (610) 392-7049.

Session Details


Feeling fabulous and want more?

The benefits of an Intuitive Reiki session will help to clear any energetic blockages you may have and assist you on your path of becoming more aligned with your true self.  But, for those of you who are ready, the Mind-Body Discovery Session will take your journey one step further.  This session will dive deeper into your chakras and areas of your life that are hindering you from reaching the full scope of your divine power and Universal Love.

Please visit the Mind-Body Discovery Session page for more information.

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