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THREE Supplements

A refusal to compromise on quality, efficacy, and safety underscores the science behind every THREE proactive wellness product. Utterly unique in the industry, our proven cellular absorption technology ensures maximum bioavailability and maximum results.

THREE is a movement that is changing lives around the world by delivering greater health to PEOPLE, a dynamic PLATFORM for entrepreneurship, and greater PURPOSE through our caring community.


I have spent over a decade trying to feel "my best". I was doing allllllll of the things, but was not reaping many benefits from all the hard work and money I was investing in myself and I am finally at a point where the shift has begun.

For those who haven't been following my journey, I have suffered from a lifetime of sleeping, stress and weight related issues and was diagnosed with PCOS. For years, nothing helped and I found myself falling into really horrible circumstances, mainly depression and disordered eating. You can read more about this in a blog post I wrote when I started down my freedom and wellness road.

After my mom's passing in 2018, I was OVER feeling so crappy, I was OVER the stress that I was putting myself through and I did the work to overcome many of my issues. I sought out various professionals and resources to help me get to the root of my problems, and I put in the hard work necessary to get to a place of love, of acceptance, and of wellness. I became my own advocate, and I did not listen to those, who did not listen to me. Doctors repeatedly said that I "was just getting older" but I knew something was being missed.

Earlier in 2023, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, the beginnings of an autoimmune disorder, gut issues and food intolerance's, and found out that I have the MTHFR mutation. I finally had answers and a plan to help alleviate some of the symptoms I was experiencing. And while I have come so far, there is still room for improvement.



Within just a week into the THREE supplement line, I already began noticing a difference in my body. By day three, the "food noise" was lowered and my appetite wasn't as substantial as it had been prior. I also began detoxing through my skin, which is typical for me when I'm cleansing out the junk in my system. After just four weeks on this regimen, my glucose dropped by 14 mgs, the lowest it has been since I started tracking it, and my iron levels went up by 45 ngs! My Vitamin B12 remained stable, and my Vitamin D and magnesium increased, all without additional substitutionI also have more energy during the day and am getting 3x's the amount of deep sleep as I was getting prior to taking these supplements.

These six products and the science behind them blow me away! I have quite a bit of knowledge about supplements at this juncture, having worked for a chiropractor and trying many, many, MANY things over the years. Nothing on the market comes close to the THREE product line and I am now adding them to my toolbox indefinitely, and I want to offer you the same.


Let's do this together, and even if you don't want to pursue the business side of this company—full transparency, that is not my reason to support THREE either—I encourage you to try the products and make them a part of your own wellness routine. Want to learn more? Check out the data below. I may be all about energy and intuition, but the Virgo side of me requires facts and an abundant amount of research and this one gets my personal stamp of approval!


Click on the links below or email me at with any questions you may have.


Let's get WELL and fix our sh*t!

The THREE Difference

THREE Cellular Absorption & Bioavailability Study

Epigenetic Study

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