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Yoga is for EVERY BODY.  It does not discriminate based on size, shape, color, sex, physical ability or any other factor one can think of. 


It should be warm, welcoming and elicit a "coming home" feeling for your body and soul.  And it encourages movement—no matter how small—into your spiritual practice.  This movement and awareness is as important and essential as the air we breathe and allows you to better connect with yourself and the divinity within. It is my mission to bring you what YOU need to help the mind, body and spirit work together seamlessly. 


Offering trauma informed hatha and vinyasa yoga sessions as well as chair yoga, I also include pranayama breathwork, guided meditation, and kundalini energy work into the practices for a well-rounded and holistic approach.

Virtual Yoga Class Waiver

Upcoming Classes

Check the homepage for a list of upcoming yoga events!

Private Sessions

Are you just beginning your journey and want to learn the foundations of yoga? Or are you looking to expand your practice and go deeper with both the physical postures and spiritual connections?


I offer private and semi-private group instruction, either at my home office or in the comfort of your own space, personalizing each session to your individual needs and goals.  Guiding you through a practice and encouraging you to bend into this way of life, together we will focus on the emotional and spiritual connection you have with yourself and the world around you.

60 min Private In-Person Instruction - $60

60 min Semi-Private Group Class - Contact for Pricing

To book a session, please email or call me at (610) 392-7049.

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