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Mind-Body Discovery Session

The Mind-Body Discovery Session is an introductory meeting that will assess the energies of the body that govern your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  You want change? THIS is where the real work begins!

This session will help get you clear on what it is you want and what is stopping you from getting it.

Where You Are

  • Are you tired, stressed or feel out of control?

  • Do your kids, partner, or the state of the world have you feeling like you want to immerse yourself in TikTok and wine for all eternity?

  • Have you hit a crossroads with your career and need a change?

  • Are you are grieving the loss of someone in your life?

  • Have you been suffering from physical ailments that don’t ever seem to heal, despite your best efforts?

If any of these questions hit the nail on the head, just know I've been there too!


We KNOW there is more to life than what we’ve been living but some of us get stuck and need a starting point to help elicit change.  You often hear ‘happiness starts from within’, but how do you begin to peel away the layers to find the strength to fix what needs fixing when you are completely overwhelmed? 


The Mind-Body Discovery Session makes this process easier by pinpointing the energetic or emotional cause of an issue and allow you to focus on actionable ways to achieve the balance you are seeking.


During this session you will learn:

  • what chakras are and how they affect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies

  • which of these chakras, or, energy centers, are completely blocked and stagnant and in need of support

  • potential causes of the misalignments

  • tools on how to shift the energies for noticeable physical and emotional changes

Together we will:

  • define your goals or desired outcomes with regards to your state of being

  • cleanse and re-balance your energy centers to begin the release of what no longer benefits you


You may notice:

  • your physical, mental and/or spiritual self beginning to shift, becoming more equipped to handle stressors as they come your way

  • Prior to your session, you will complete energy assessment and intake forms that will provide information on your current State of Self.   These forms will be discussed at the beginning of the session and will be used as a reference point for your healing journey.

  • You will then be guided through a body scan meditation followed by an intuitive energy healing—please visit the intuitive energy healing page for more information on this offering.  We'll also have an in-depth discussion on what imbalances arose during the energy work and how best to handle them.

  • Reference material and handouts will be provided so that you can continue the work of clearing out any negative energies on your own, getting you one step closer to achieving your desired goals and outcomes and allowing you to take control over your own thoughts and feelings just a little bit easier. 

120 min session - $199

To book a session, please email or call me at (610) 392-7049.

What to Expect


Session Details

Eager to continue your journey?

The benefits of the Mind-Body Discovery session will help to clear any energetic blockages you may have and assist you on your path of becoming more aligned with your true self.  But, for those of you who are ready, the Mind-Body Transformation Series will build upon the work done during the discovery session.  This transformation program will allow you to dig deeper into your psyche, your shadow self, and truly learn to rely on the powerful, unique and strong woman you are. 

Please visit the Mind-Body Transformation Series page for more information.

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