Reiki and Raindrop

Do you want to be pampered?

If you are already familiar with Reiki energy healing and would like a complementary method to assist you in reaching your desired physical or emotional state, Reiki and Raindrop allows for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.


The Raindrop Technique, originally developed by Young Living Essential Oils, draws from Native American wellness traditions and provides a mean of aligning the body and mind.  Combined with Intuitive Reiki, this non-invasive approach uses a sequence of safely, and appropriately diluted, high-quality essential oils dispensed from a bottle as small, rain-like drops approximately six inches above the back.


This service combines the benefits of energy work, aromatherapy and topical oil application to help put your self-care routine back on your To-Do list.



90 min session - $95

(includes time to discuss session focus)

Please note: Reiki and Raindrop sessions are best performed with direct access to the skin on your back and the bottoms of your feet.  If you prefer to adjust the session to better suit your level of comfort, that is certainly welcomed.  Keep in mind that essential oils can leave residue on fabrics so please dress accordingly.