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Mindful Malas

A mala is a strand of beads (traditionally 108, or a fraction thereof) used for keeping count during meditation.  A mala can be used for meditation only, worn as a necklace, or wrapped around your wrist several times. Most importantly, it is a tool focusing awareness and concentration during your spiritual practice, meditation, prayer or reflection.


Mindful Malas are handmade in-house using semi-precious stones and natural materials.  Each mala is infused with Reiki energy to support your personal meditation and manifestation journey and come with a description of the stones used, the chakra(s) being supported, as well as a mantra and affirmation to help you get started.


These are great for your personal inner work and make a thoughtful and special gift for the loved ones in your life.  Want something you don’t see?

I take custom orders!  Contact me for details!

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